HARO ART & FRAME is a purveyor of handcrafted picture frames. Based in San Diego, California, we have been manufacturing in Mexico for more than 25 years where our master artisans employ old world craftsmanship to create beautiful picture frames.

Selected by designers, artists, photographers, and décor professionals, you will find our picture frames in galleries, studios, frame shops, craft stores, and discerning homes throughout the United States.

Confident in the quality of our collection, we emphasize customer satisfaction. Our service is direct and personal. We will work with you to meet the demands of your events, sales, shows and exhibitions — one frame or hundreds!

Contact us any time of day at info@haroartandframe.com or by Fax at 619.234.3384 . . . and , of course, by phone at 619.234.3382. We are confident that HARO ART & FRAME will satisfy your frame needs and enhance the success of your project.


2924 National Avenue
San Diego, California 82113

  (619) 234-3381  

Fax (619) 234-3384

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